Laboratory of Advanced Energy Nanomaterials (Hiroshi Furuta Lab), Kochi University of Technology

New Laboratory since May 1. 2015 (Resume 研究室紹介 in Japanese)


Objective:Aiming to address the global and local energy issues

Recent progress of nanotechnologies in observation techniques and fabrication processes allows us to access novel electric and photonic properties of nanomaterials, whose properties are derived directly from their size and structures of matter.

By utilizing size- and structure-controlled nanomaterials, we develop designed photonic metamaterials for high-efficient energy devices aiming to solve the global and local energy issues.

Upcoming events

Weekly MTG on Wed at 10:30.

Collaborate with
Hatta lab(KUT), Li lab(KUT), Kohno lab(KUT), Furuta Mamoru Lab(KUT), and Hangyo-Nakajima lab(Osaka univ.).

School of Systems Engineering, Kochi University of Technology

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