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Selected Papers  (link to full list)


  1. “Fabrication of Self-Assembling Carbon Nanotube Forest Fishnet Metamaterials”, 
    A. Pander, T. Onishi, A. Hatta, H. Furuta, Nanomaterials 12(3) (2022) 464. 
    DOI: 10.3390/nano12030464
    JCR IF=5.076@2020, WoS category rank: 35/160 (Q1) in 'Physics, Applied’ 
  2. “Formation of Thermally Stable, High-Areal-Density, and Small-Diameter Catalyst Nanoparticles via Intermittent Sputtering Deposition for the High-Density Growth of Carbon Nanotubes”, 
    H. Koji, Y. Kusumoto, A. Hatta, and H. Furuta, Nanomaterials 12 (2022) 365. 
    DOI: 10.3390/nano12030365
    JCR IF=5.076@2020, WoS category rank: 35/160 (Q1) in 'Physics, Applied’ 


  1. “Study of self-organized structure in carbon nanotube forest by fractal dimension and lacunarity analysis”,
    A. Pander, T. Onishi, A. Hatta, and H. Furuta,
    Materials Characterization 160 (2020) 110086. 
    DOI: 10.1016/j.matchar.2019.110086
    JCR IF=3.562@2019, WoS category rank: 3/33 (Q1) in 'Materials Science, Characterization’; 9/79 (Q1) in 'Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering’; 106/314 (Q2) in 'Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’
  2. “Shape-dependent infrared reflectance properties of CNT forest metamaterial arrays”, 
    A. Pander, K. Takano, A. Hatta, M. Nakajima, and H. Furuta,
    Optics Express 28(1) (2020) 607-625. 
    DOI: 10.1364/OE.381817
    JCR IF=3.669@2019, WoS category rank: 19/97 (Q1) in 'Optics’


  1. “Significant decrease in the reflectance of thin CNT forest films tuned by the Taguchi method”,
    Adam Pander, Kouki Ishimoto, Akimitsu Hatta, and Hiroshi Furuta,
    Vacuum 154 (2018) 285-295.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.vacuum.2018.05.020
    JCR IF=2.515@2018, WoS category rank: 134/293 (Q2) in 'Materials science, multidisciplinary’;  55/148 (Q2) in 'Physics, Applied’
  2. “Optical reflectance of patterned frost column-like CNT forest for metamaterial applications”,
    Hiroki Miyaji, Adam Pander, Keisuke Takano, Hideo Kohno, Akimitsu Hatta, Makoto Nakajima, and Hiroshi Furuta,
    Diamond and Related Materials 83 (2018) 196-203.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.diamond.2018.02.004
    JCR IF=2.290@2018, WoS category rank: 144/293 (Q2) in 'Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’ 


  1. “The influence of the inner structure of CNT forest metamaterials in the infrared regime”,
    Adam Pander, Keisuke Takano, Akimitsu Hatta, Makoto Nakajima, and Hiroshi Furuta,
    Diamond and Related Materials 80 (2017) 99-107.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.diamond.2017.10.009
    JCR IF=2.232@2017, WoS category rank: 124/285 (Q2) in 'Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’ 
  2. „FIB Secondary Etching Method for Fabrication of Fine CNT Forest Metamaterials”,
    Adam Pander, Akimitsu Hatta, and Hiroshi Furuta,
    Nano-Micro Letters (2017) 9:44.
    JCR IF=7.381@2017, WoS category rank: 29/285 (Q1) in 'Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’; 14/146 (Q1) in 'Physics, Applied’; 17/92 (Q1) in 'Nanoscience & Nanotechnology’
  3. „CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot (QD) Sensitized Solar Cell Utilizing a Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Photoanode on a Stainless Steel Substrate”,
    Junthorn Udorn, Shengwen Hou, Chaoyang Li, Akimitsu Hatta, Hiroshi Furuta,
    Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 12(2017)3814-3825.
    JCR IF=1.369@2017, WoS category rank: 22/28 (Q4) in 'Electrochemistry’


  1. „Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Honeycomb Cell Area-Dependent Optical Reflectance”,
    J. Udorn, A. Hatta, and H. Furuta,
    Nanomaterials, 6(11)(2016) 202.
    JCR IF=3.553@2016, WoS category rank: 59/275 (Q1) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’; 34/87 (Q2) in ‘Nanoscience & Nanotechnology’
  2. „Optimization of catalyst formation conditions for synthesis of carbon nanotubes using Taguchi method”,
    A. Pander, A. Hatta, and H. Furuta,
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 371 (2016). 425-435.
    JCR IF=3.387@2016, WoS category rank: 1/19 (Q1) in ‘Materials Science, Coatings & Films’; 32/148 (Q1) in ‘Physics, Applied’; 19/67 (Q2) in ‘Physics, Condensed Matter’; 46/146 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Physical’


  1. „Electrical conductance behavior of thin Ni catalyst films during intermittent direct current magnetron sputtering”,
    Y. Kusumoto, H. Furuta, K. Sekiya, H. Koji, and A. Hatta,
    J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 32(3) (2014). 031502-1.
    JCR IF=2.322@2014, WoS category rank: 4/17 (Q1) in ‘Materials Science, Coatings & Films’; 38/144 (Q2) in ‘Physics, Applied’


  1. „Increased CNT growth density with an additional thin Ni layer on the Fe/Al catalyst film”,
    H. Koji, H. Furuta, K. Sekiya, N. Nitta and T. Harigai, A. Hatta,
    Dia. Rel. Mat. 36 (2013) 1-7.
    JCR IF=1.572@2013, WoS category rank: 107/251 (Q2) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’
  2. „Long Lifetime Emission from Screen Printing Carbon Nanotubes over 45,000 Hours at 1.27 mA/cm2 with 10% Duty Ratio”,
    H. Furuta, H. Koji, T. Komukai, and A. Hatta,
    Dia. Rel. Mat. 35 (2013) 29-35.
    JCR IF=1.572@2013, WoS category rank: 107/251 (Q2) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’


  1. „Magnetron Sputtering Deposition of Additional Ni Thin Films on the Fe/Al Multi-layered Catalyst Film for the Growth Control of Carbon Nanotubes”,
    H. Koji, T. Harigai, N. Nitta, H. Furuta and A. Hatta,
    Trans. MRS-J 37(4) (2012) 511-514.
    Refereed journal, no rank.

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