Position / Name

  • PI, Professor/ Hiroshi Furuta/Ph.D
  • Visiting Lecturer / Dr. Adam Pander 2022-
  • D2/ Muhammad Shahbaz
  • D2/ Md. Saiful Islam
  • M2/ Yuto Sawada
  • M2/ Hideto Nishimori
  • M1/ Nobuyoshi Kameoka
  • B4/ Ryuichi Shinsei
  • B4/ Tomu Yamamoto


2022.03 Doctor / Hirofumi Koji, PhD thesis of “Development of Thermally Stable and High-Areal-Density Catalyst Nanoparticles for the Growth Control of Carbon Nanotube Forest”
2022.03 Bachelor / Taichi Marui, Bachelor thesis
2021.03 Bachelor / Shimon Honda, Bachelor thesis
2020.03 Bachelor/ Keigo Nomura, Bachelor thesis
2019.03 Master/ Sachio Hayashi, Master thesis
2019.03 Bachelor/ Fumiya Nagamine
2019.03 Bachelor/ Masaki Komori
2019.03 Bachelor/ Runami Shimozono
2019.03 Bachelor/ Kento Onishi
2018.03 Master/ Hiroki Miyaji, Master thesis “Frost column-like CNT Forest Metamaterials: Fabrication Processes of Nano-Fishnet Structures and Their Optical Properties” 就職
2018.03 Bachelor/ Shingo Shimada, Bachelor thesis “FDTD計算によるCNTフォレストの光学応答” 就職
2019.03 Bachelor/ Takatsugu Onishi, Kyoto Univ, OIST
2017.03 Doctor/ Udorn Junthorn, PhD thesis of “Quantum dot solar cell utilizing optical properties of carbon nanotubes”, and employed by TNI.
2017.03 Doctor/ Adam Pander, Dr thesis of “Tunable properties of carbon nanotube forest metamaterials: Growth control and fine patterning”
2017.03 Master/ Tomoki Hongou, Master thesis of “Metal induced crystalization of nano carbon (金属触媒によるナノカーボンの結晶化)”
2017.03 Bachelor/ Naoya Iwai
2017.03 Bachelor/ Kenya Muneyasu
2017.03 Bachelor/ Kentaro Toda

2016.03 Master/ Kouki Ishimoto, Master thesis “ラマン分光法によるカーボン系材料構造評価” 就職
2015.03 Bachelor/ Shoko Takeya, Bachelor thesis “Ni 触媒を用いたカーボンナノチューブ合成” 就職

2015.03 Bachelor/ Shinnosuke Kamiya, Bachelor thesis “多段カーボンナノチューブフォレスト” 就職
2015.03 Bachelor/ Shunsaku Nishimori, Bachelor thesis “Ni 触媒を用いたナノカーボンの合成と構造評価” 就職

2015.03 Master/ Kazuki Sekiya, Master thesis “光学応用に向けたカーボンナノチューブフォレストの構造制御” 就職

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